The amazing benefits of durum wheat

Products made from durum wheat are becoming increasingly popular - not surprising, since they are much better alternatives to the ones that are made from white flour. However many people don't know what are the benefits of durum wheat, and what is the difference between durum and other types of flour?

At first glance durum wheat is not different from ordinary wheat. Why should you choose the dishes made from durum flour instead of others?

Unlike any other wheat, durum with is high in fiber and rich in important vitamins (such as A, B and E vitamins) and minerals. Its protein content is higher too. Due to this high protein content pasta made from durum wheat is really flexible - that's why it is an important ingredient in the Italian gastronomy.

Durum wheat is your thing if you...

  • ...have diabetes: unlike ordinary wheat, the durum wheat has less impact on blood glucose level since the digestion of its starch is slower. In this case products made from durum wheat can be safely added to your diet in small portions.
  • sports regularly: products made from durum wheat have a higher protein content than the ones┬ámade from white flour. They can contribute to providing your recommended daily protein intake.
  • ...are having trouble with your cholesterol level or you are allergic to eggs: pasta from durum wheat is flexible enough without adding eggs.
  • ...are dieting or simply eating consciously: due to its low glycemic index and high protein content, durum wheat is the perfect choice for you.

What can be made from durum flour?

Especially in Mediterranean countries, pastas are made from durum wheat. Durum pasta is not only healthier than ordinary pasta, but it also can be cooked faster - it is ready in a few minutes. During this time it can retaining its shape as well. Durum flour can be used in sweet cakes and in other bakery products. In Italy, bread was made from durum wheat hundreds of years ago. We have good news: Panissimi Premium Fit Snack is made from durum wheat too, so it is not only delicious but also nutritious!

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